Stawell Gold Mines Community Hub

Stawell Gold Mines is located approximately 240 km northwest of Melbourne, 70 km southeast of Horsham and 2 km east of the Stawell CBD. All surface and underground infrastructure associated with the site’s operations are located within the MIN5260 lease area.

Stawell Gold Mines has operated at its current location since 1981, which has involved the progressive mining of gold in a series of open pits and extensive underground workings. The surface operations are situated adjacent to the eastern boundary of the Stawell Township and encompass an approximate area of 380 ha. The site’s underground workings extend from the Magdala portal in a north-westerly direction underneath the town.

The site entered a care and maintenance phase in December 2016, and is presently being maintained in a state of operational readiness. The current exploration drill programs are focused on the East Flank of the Magdala Underground Mine with an intent of recommencing operations.

Stawell Gold Mines acknowledges that socially responsible practices are essential to the success of its business. All activities at Stawell Gold Mines are undertaken in accordance with the organisations Social Responsibility Policy. Stawell Gold Mines is focused on building strong community relations based on trust and respect. Stawell Gold Mines maintains strong and positive relationships with the community, while understanding the importance of clear communication and transparency with stakeholders.

The Stawell Gold Mines Community Hub provides stakeholders with information relating to the environment, community and site activities. Stakeholders seeking additional information on any of these aspects are encouraged to contact Stawell Gold Mines directly.

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